Kamyab Tejarat Company

Kamyab Tejarat Javid Co. was established in 2017 in Iran with the aim of operating in the field of commerce of various goods. The activities of this company are carried out under the brand name of Xabat®️. Our activities include importing goods and raw materials of various industries, trade and distribution of domestic goods, and export of goods demanded by foreign markets.
One of our important goals is to develop the market and cooperate with various companies to outsource manufacturing.
Our holding, “Almas Sabz Group” briefly, has exported different papers to Turkey, Iraq, UAE, Italy, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Philippine, South Korea, Sudan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Greece, Germany, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and China in 23000 MT so far and we are also importing stainless steel, different papers, spare parts for cars, tires, chemicals, sesame, etc. To reach our global goal, we have started to trade in the field of food recently and we are trying to export goods around the world in the close future.